Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twenty+ years with Salvador Romero, Cochiti carver

We opened our physical gallery on Sanibel Island 22 years ago this month, after 10 years of trading in Tribal Art in Chicago. One of the first Native American artists we represented was Salvador Romero of Cochiti Pueblo. On more than one occasion he visited the gallery to demonstrate his skills. 

Around 2006, we closed the store and moved our entire ZuniLink, Native American jewelry, Native American Pueblo Pottery other operations online. Salvador and his brother, Wilson Romero, and his nephew-in-law, Lionel Sanchez, have been carving for us ever since. While Sal has had others selling his work, which we think is great for all concerned, we are proud to be associated with his early days and the growth of his popularity. 

In honor of this anniversary, and as a thank you to all who have given us their business, we are offering every carving by Sal, Wilson and Lionel in our inventory at 25% off the listed price. Look at these directory pages to see what is available. (also has an interesting video of Sal)

If you see something you like, simple calculate your price at 25% off of the price being shown and contact us at 800-303-0185. We will take care of it from there.

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