Thursday, June 09, 2011

Count on Delbert Buck for Navajo folk art with a smile.

Among the names that stand out in the circle of talented Navajo Folk Artists, Delbert Buck may be the most “creative”.

Born in Shiprock, NM in September 1976, Delbert began carving at a very early age. Some say his first carvings were when he was around nine-years-old and he carved toy guns to play with. Others say he began to hit his carving stride in his early teens, when his fascination with horses and airplanes inserted those subjects into his portfolio of carvings.

In any case, this son of Wilford and Jenny Buck quickly expanded his carving activities, with his first “shows” at 13. His work soon was included in the authoritative books about Navajo folk art, “The People Speak – Contemporary Navajo Folk Art” and “The Trading Post Guidebook.

The single characteristic that consistently emerges from Buck's creations is his sense of humor.

He has been quoted as saying his favorite part of what he does, and what he hopes others will get out of it, is a “smile”. His eclectic sculptures, combining horses, broncs, motorcycles, airplanes and a wide range of other colorful characters from Navajo culture, and his own unconventional imagination, are very popular and highly collectable.

He works in a shack at his home, using simple tools such as a hand saw, utility knife and hammer. He carves from pieces of cottonwood that are found on in nearby washes. Delbert does the carving and the painting, with assistance from his mother and sisters when it comes to dressing up the carvings.

As buyers, collectors and resellers of Delbert's work, we often are drawn to his pieces simply because of their delightful perspective on subjects that are otherwise cliched, but not in the hands of Delbert Buck.

They also often have a patriotic quality, which appeals to us, and makes them wonderful works to display around national holidays such as the 4th of July. The flag-toting, red, white and blue, biker grandma to the left, is and example.

See also the portrayal of Uncle Sam piloting a bi-plane with sheep as his wing-critters.

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