Friday, August 06, 2010

Meet Dee Edaakie, Zuni Pueblo fetish carver.

Today, we met with Dee Edaakie, one of our favorite Zuni carvers. We enjoy Dee both because of his superb and inventive carving and because he is a genuinely nice person. He came to our Santa Fe casita, accompanied by his young daughter. We purchased four carvings from him, and induced him to tell you about them in this video.

We hope that getting to know the carvers we work with and who we support will give you an even better sense of what Zuni fetish carvings are about. You will see more of Dee Edaakie's work and that of other carvers at ZuniLink, our web site featuring these outstanding works and the artists that create them.

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Guy Waites said...

Dear Susanne and Bill,

Guy Waites here, you left a message on my blog "worldwidewaites" some time ago, I tried to send you a message at the time but not sure if it got through?

I don't know that I am related to anyone from the United States but you never know?! There is another Guy Waites in the USA, he is a realestate agent, you can find him on youtube of all places!

Waites is a rare name, there are few in the UK and I believe it is a family name that stems from the French.

All the best,