Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ten reasons to give your Mom authentic Native American jewelry for Mother’s Day

  1. She’s your Mother. Du-uhh.
  2. Better than a Mother’s Day Card. Are you kidding? What part of reason #1 did you not understand?
  3. Better than candy. Candy rots the teeth. Is that any way to treat your Mother? (Of course, they say chocolate is good for your heart. But, still…).
  4. Better than flowers. Flowers promote allergies. A week later, the flowers are gone; the sneezing lingers on.
  5. Like your Mother, it’s one of a kind. No two pieces of authentic hand-made Native American jewelry are identical.
  6. Like your Mother, Native American jewelry is filled with love. Cherished in the making, almost like a child.
  7. There are so many choices. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, pendants. There is bound to be something your Mother will wear with pride.
  8. There are so many beautiful materials. Silver, gold, turquoise, coral, shell, lapis, sugilite, malachite, mother of pearl, opal. Colors to match her favorite outfit.
  9. Prices are reasonable, especially considering the artistry, time and care that goes into the making. Even high-end pieces are good value.
  10. She is worth it. See reason #1.

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Happy Mother's Day to all.

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