Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reviewing Aboriginal Art Shows

In a recent blog at Aboriginal Art & Culture: an American Eye, Will Owen reviews two Aboriginal art shows in Washington, DC.

The Washington, DC shows were Australian Indigenous Art Triennial: Culture Warriors and Lands of Enchantment: Australian Aboriginal Paintings.

Owen's review dwells heavily on the hanging of the show, while spending some of his words also discussing the quality of the works presented.

Since we, unfortunately, have not been able to attend either show, we are not prepared to validate Owen's opinion of the presentation aspects of the shows.

But as fans, collectors and dealers of Australian Aboriginal art, we can enthusiastically share his passion for works that were hung, and his appreciation that shows focusing on Australian Aboriginal art
even were made available to American audiences.

We encourage you to visit Owen's blog site (using the link above) to read his review, and, if you want to see more of this stimulating Australian Aboriginal art, to visit our website,

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Gloria Petyarre said...

That's a great job!

But I will only say about the aboriginal art that this has some special thing in itself.

Because its paintings shows the complete brilliant aboriginal history.

And this art also illuminate the human civilization.

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