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Indian Market Top Awards - Native American art

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Date Line: Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 22,2009
Reported by William Waites.

The 88th Annual SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market Awards were announced Friday, August 21 at the Members' Sneak Preview at the Santa Fe Convention Center.

Best of Show - Darryl and Rebecca Begay - Belt with cast silver conch-type figures representing "Return from the Long Walk"

(Also Winner of Best of Classification I - Jewelry)

Best of Classification II - Dominique Toya - Swirl Fluted Pot

Best of Classification III - Paintings, Drawings, Graphics & Photography - Jason Garcia

Best of Classification V - Sculpture - Vincent Kaydahzinnie - Bronze Tableau

Best of Classification VI - Textiles & Basketry - Barbara Ornelas - Weaving

Best of Classification VII - Diverse Art Forms - Therese Tohtsoni - Cabinet

Best of Classification VIII - Beadwork & Quillwork - Jamie Okuma - Beaded Figure

Best of Classification IX - Youth (17 years and under) Danielle Weahkee

Standards Award - Joseph Youngblood-Lugo - black on black incised pot

Standards Award -Darryl Growing Thunder - ledger paper art

Standards Award - Diane Douglas-Willard - small lidded basket

Artists' choice - Peer award for exceptional innovation in any media -Jackie Bread

Best of Division -Beadwork and Quillwork -Articles of Attire -Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty

Many more Division Awards were presented. They will be included in future Tribal Artery blogs.

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