Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tribal Artery - Mashantucket Pequot Schemitzun cancelled

The Mashantucket Pequot tribe of Connecticut has announced that it's annual pow-wow event, Schemitzun, has canceled the event for 2009. According to Lori Potter, a spokesperson for the tribe made the announcement while indicating that it was part of the tribal governements plans to reduce expenses in this time of economic stress.

The Mashantucket Pequot also operate the Native America casino called Foxwoods Resort Casino. The event, also known as the Feast of Green Corn and Dance, was launched in 1992. It has been held at the Miner Farm on Winecthog Hill Road, North Stonington , CT. where hundrds of Native Americans competed in dances and rodeo acts, and native American booths sold art, clothing and jewelry. There also were demonstrations of various Native American crafts.

In canceling the event, the tribe graciously thanked all those who had participated in the event and supported it in the past.

It is unclear whether or not the event will be reinstated when economic conditions improve.

Aboriginals:Art of the First Person, owners of websites that feature Native American art, carvings, pottery and jewelry, regrets the loss of a major event such as this. We big fans of powwows and encourage all our readers to patronize any that are held where you live or visit.

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