Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribal art loses a great and talented Zuni artist

We were saddened, as were all of our friends and associates in Zuni and the field of Zuni art, to learn that Jeff Tsalabutie was killed in an truck accident early this week. All details are not available and, out of respect for Zuni traditions, we held back on this announcement for a period of grieving.

And grieve we do.

Jeff was more than a fine carver with a whimsical and creative style.

He was a friend.

Whenever we would see him in Zuni, Albuquerque or Santa Fe, we always were greeted with a huge smile and a hearty "Hello, how are you?"

We enjoyed being with him, even on those occasions when he had sold out his work by the time got to him. He was instrumental in our ability to meet other young, talented Zuni carvers, who we are sure will miss him as much or more than we will.

We send our condolences to Jeff's wife and son and other members of his extended family.

Rest well, Jeff. You have left behind an inspiration for all who create.

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