Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Zuni fetish sale - but not ours - Tribal Artery

Okay. Call us stupid.

We are about to tell you about a sale of Zuni fetishes by another site that could be consider a "competitor".

Although, we prefer to think of everyone who sells what we sell as collaborators. The more you and others come to appreciate the beauty and importance of tribal art of any kind, the better it is all for all of us.

So, a visit to ZuniSpirits will reveal a current sale of Zuni fetish carvings at very reasonable prices (not necessarily more reasonable than our prices, but nevertheless reasonable prices- you can compare prices by visiting our ZuniLink site too.)

Another reason we like to support Zuni Spirits is because they are faithful supporters of the Zuni people and Zuni carvers. We have many carver friends in common.

From our standpoint, it is more importnat that you add a Zuni fetish carving to your life than who you choose to get it from.


Sire said...

Your not stupid. Sometimes it's not all about the money, and seeing as how you are promoting a cause dear to your heart there is nothing wrong with giving people a bigger choice to choose from in regards to this art form. Besides, there is every chance they will return and buy form you and be grateful for the experience.

Darlene said...

Thanks William!

Your comments and link to our blog are most appreciated. Dave and I have always considered our visits to Zuni and our friendships with the carvers to be a true honor and priviledge. We also believe that any support given to the artistic community (any native community) only serves to make this a better world for all. We very much appreciate your generosity of spirit and the 'shout out' on the cyber billboard.


Gail Alexander said...

I like that you think of other art dealers as collaborators and not competitors. Thanks for the posting!