Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tribal Art - What's authentic and Why it matters

This embedded video features Tony Eriacho, Zuni artist and Indian Art authenticity activist, who talks about issues of authentic Indian art and their ramifications. Tony is a friend and trusted authority. I think the video is worth 8 minutes of your time.

We at Aboriginals: Art of the First Person have been members of the Indian Arts and crafts Association for 20 years and are strong believers in the principles that Tony advocates. We apply them to every thing we offer at ZuniLink, Native-JewelryLink, Native-PotteryLink and TribalWorks.

We invite your inspection and your questions.


Armand said...

Would you please consider providing information about how to obtain copies of the brochures that Mr. Eriacho describes in the video?

William & Susanne Waites said...

IACA publishes a brochure that discusses this subject. They are at http://www.IACA.com

Click on resources.

Thanks for your interest.

Bill Waites

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai said...

The video though created a year ago was pretty informative. I found tony a bit shy while facing a camera :D

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Anonymous said...

Information on the brochure is available at ciaccouncil.org The new 2009 brochure is also endorsed by the State of Arizona. The consumer tips brochure also has a list of safe places to buy Authentic Native American Art.
Tony Eriacho email:zunitraveler@msn.com

William & Susanne Waites said...

Thanks to anonymous for more information. ciaccouncil.org is the source for the brochure. iaca.com also offers brochures concerning identifying and verifying authenticity of Native America Indian art.