Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tribal Art - New, 'old' fetishes on Zuni Link

We have dipped into our personal collection to present a few bona fide vintage fetish carvings from Zuni. They all have some of the magic of carvings that predate the attempts to carve for market.

We are not knocking the newer carvings. Many of them are excellent beyond measure. If they are on our site, they definitely pass our personal test for excellence and value (for price). We cherry pick the best from the best.

But the old ones have a certain soulful quality that enhances their value beyond any price tag. Nevertheless, they have price tags and you can find out by visiting our ZuniLink web site page for Vintage and Old Fetishes.

We believe they all are pre-1970.

Here are a few examples:

Visit us at ZuniLink for more. We also offer web sites that feature Native American Indian jewelry, Native American Pueblo pottery and a pot-pourri of African, Australian, Arctic and Navajo folk art.

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