Saturday, November 01, 2008

A monumental chorus of Zuni corn maidens

Whilst in New Mexico, we acquired this remarkable fishrock carving by Terrence Martza, a Zuni fetish carver. Eight corn maidens, adults and children, stand side-by-side and back-to-back, with turquoise and coral adornment and a large bowl of turquoise fragments. The full size is 5 inches high, by 5 inches wide, by 3 inches deep.

It is so monumental that we decided to do something a little different and videograph it on a turntable, so you can see all sides in one sweep.

We've also added a single still shot since, upon looking at the result, the focus seems to be poor on the video camera image. But you can still make out the ladies and the work.

Let us know what you think, please.

Susanne and William Waites, Aboriginals: Art of the First Person, with web sites at ZuniLink, TribalWorks, Native-PotteryLink and Native-JewelryLink


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Anonymous said...

These are neat stuff!