Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ira Lujan

A while back Susanne and I ran a video of Ira Lujan, the Taos glass sculptor, at work in his studio. (You'll find it in the archives, I think.) We have come to know him and have purchased his work, which we offer at Native-PotteryLink (on the Taos page. As with most of the artists we meet and deal with, Ira is a true artist and is dedicated to his art. We are pleased and proud to count him among our friends.

Now, we have a video that we shot in Santa Fe while watching Ira at work creating a our Corn Maiden. Unfortunately, we ran out of footage before the piece exploded. And we were not there when it was recreated.

Here, however, are some scenes from the workshop as Ira and his helper worked the ovens and the glass. It's about 8 minutes long. I think you will find it interesting and worth your time.

Now, here is a video of the final piece. It is even more gorgeous in person.

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