Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emery Boone, Zuni fetish carver, joins our inventory

News about Tribal Art from William Ernest Waites, proprietor of, a web site featuring the carvings of top Zuni fetish makers.

During our recent Santa Fe trip, we acquired a number of new carvings by Emery Boone.

Emery Boone is known for his execution of an ancient Zuni fetish technique, inlay of
traditional iconographic designs in jet and pipestone.

One of these designs incorporates turquoise in a motif known as the Chaco pattern. It is usually used in conjunction with frogs, where it spans the back. Frogs are associated with abundance related to being harbingers of rain and moisture.
Another design also relates to the benefits of rain. It manifests itself as a cloud with rain descending and appears on both the backs of frogs, when the Chaco design isn't used , and on the side of other creatures.

Third is the familiar heart line. It occasionally appears in Emery's work in conjuntion with the raincloud design.
There is no question that Emery Boone has a style that is pretty much his own and easy to distinguish.

We have posted a several of his new jet and pipestone carvings to our ZuniLink web site on two pages devoted exclusively to his work.
Take a look by clicking here. Be sure to click the link to page two while you are there.

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julian said...

interesting collecting of tribal art
:) great work sir