Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mary Small fans will love these three new pottery pieces

Whilst at Santa Fe Indian Market, we encountered one of our fav potters, Mary Small of Jemez Pueblo. She is a perpetual smiler and hugger.

Her pottery style is very distinctive, leading a to number of enthusiastic collectors.

For those fans, and others who would like to discover the wonderful work of Mary, we have acquired three new pieces. They are shown and described in more detail on the website,

Here are preview pictures:

PL98 is a small bear canoe with two occupants.
Oops. This beauty has already been sold.

PL99 is a buffalo with a turquoise nugget

PM01 is an angel storyteller.

You can learn more about these delights by clicking on the Jemez page at


African Arts said...

Nice art work...

Anonymous said...

The pottery work looks great...