Thursday, June 12, 2008

IACA names Top Native American artists -2008

The Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) has named the top artists at its April Market.

Artist of the Year went to Mary Lou Big Day from the Crow nation of Montana. Her award-winning work was a beaded and painted doll entitled "Crow Traveling Medicine."

Second Place was awarded to Venus "Brightstar", a Creek artist, for her porcupine quilled leather jacket entitled "The Vine of Life."

Other awards included:

Jewelry-Lapidary: First and Second Places to Charlene Sanchez Reano, San Felipe. (Charlene's work is represented at Native-JewelryLink .

Jewelry-Metalsmithing: First Place to Earl Plummer (Navajo). Second Place to George "Shukata" Willis (Choctaw). Third Place went to L. Bruce Hodgins (Navajo). Earl's work, done in conjunction with Calvin Begay at the time, also can be seen at Native-JewelryLink .

Sculpture-Small Scale: First Place to Caroline Carpio (Isleta). Second Place to George "Shukata" Willis (Choctaw)

Judge's Choice: First Place to Frank Fowler, Jr. (Navajo). Second Place to Caroline Carpio (Isleta). Third Place to Don Standing Bear (Metis). Caroline's work in pottery is represented at Native-PotteryLink.

IACA, of which Aboriginals: Art of the First Person is a long-standing member, works to promote Native American Indian art and to protect its authenticity by requiring all members to offer only Native American-made work, unless it is otherwise clearly identified as being not made by American Indians.

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