Monday, September 24, 2007

Canadian Dollars match US bucks

Recently, the value of the Canadian dollar equaled that of the US dollar, so that Canadians now can buy anything in America at the same rate as in Canada. So, if you live in Canada or know someone in Canada, please note that every item in our web sites, including our Arctic/Inuit pieces that were purchased when the US dollar bought more value, can be purchased on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

The only limitation will be on art made from mammal parts. Those items can't be shipped out of the US, by regulation, without a special permit.

We welcome all our Canadian friends to shop our sites at ZuniLink, Native-JewelryLInk, Native-PotteryLink and TribalWorks .

Thanks for your attention.

PS: The Australian dollar is not far behind. When we last visited Australia to buy Aboriginal art, the US dollar was worth less than 60 cents US. Now it is worth 86 US cents. That's like a 43% discount for anyone who is valuing a purchase in Australian dollars.