Saturday, April 21, 2007

Apologies about Triennial blog

If you check the archives of this blog, you will see that a few messages back I promised to blog from the Triennial on African Art in Gainesville, FL.

Personal and family problems interfered with my ability to attend. I had reserved both a hotel room and a registration for the sessions, which I had to cancel.

Sorry. But I am still planning to be at Santa Fe Indian Market and repeat the blog messaging as we did last year. We may also blog from the Gallup InterTribal shortly before the Indian Market.

Speaking of Indian Market, we already are hearing advance promotion about this consummate Indian art event. If you are in the Santa Fe area in August, you might consider volunteering to help out at the Indian Market. I can't think of a better way to immerse yourself in the art of our native American brothers and sisters.

Before you departfor Santa Fe, however, you might visit our web sites at,, and Check out our prices. Back when we had a physical gallery, we used to overhear shoppers comment that they were waiting to visit Santa Fe to buy at lower prices. We have been in Santa Fe, which we love by the way, often enough to know that our online prices - even without our sale discount - are more than competitive with Santa Fe's.

After all, we don't have to pay the rent that they do on the Plaza.