Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aboriginals sales to benefit Lee County Alliance for the Arts

Residents of Lee County, Florida and adjacent Collier and Charlotte Counties, will recall that Aboriginals: Art of the First Person maintained a physical gallery on Sanibel Island for 16 years. It was closed in 2005 with plans to continue offering tribal art and artifacts on line through its family of web sites.

During the same period, Aboriginals has been an active member of the Lee County Alliance of the Arts. William has served on the Board of that organization that serves and supports the arts in Lee County.

In March, the Alliance will present its annual Angels of the Arts Awards, honoring those in the arts community that have contributed extraordinarily. In conjunction with that event, Aboriginals will contribute 25% of the value of any items bought from our on line sites by members of the Alliance who so identifies themselves as members when ordering.

For Alliance members, its an excellent opportunity to indulge their passion for art, especially tribal art, pottery and jewelry, and support this worthy organization.

The applicable web sites are,, and .